Glantop Pet All-around Washer Ring for Dog Quick Easy Cleaning Large by Glantop

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Size Name:Large

Item specifics:
Color: grey
Material: Plastic
Package includes: 1*Pet All-around Washer, 1*quick-drying mitt
Do you still feel helpless for pet dog bath?
If that is so, the dog washer could be a great helper for you.
This can be a new dog washing system that wash your dog in less than one minute.
Tt is a circular hollow tube at the back of to pick up a water pipe, and the inside of the hollow tube has numerous holes.
When we open the valve, the water will be emitted from the holes. Very convenient to use.
Clean you dog super fast, Can be utilized in winter.
We ensure that every components of this item are all in good condition.
Thanks for your supporting and purchasing.
Our dog will love bath time again with Dog Washer 360!

Our ring design sprays water gently giving your dog a massage-like feeling which they are going to love! It washes your pets hard-to-reach areas without you having to lay your pet in a way they do not like, and without the use of your hands!
Easily keep an eye on the water pressure to your pet’s liking with the pressure keep an eye on maintain
Our Pet Washer 360 is connected with a shampoo holder. With a press of a button, the soap and water instantly mix, creating a sudsy solution to scrub your pup clean, from head to tail. Your dog will be shampooed and rinsed in under one minute!
As a bonus, you get the Pet Washer 360 micro-fiber, ultra soft quick dry mitt for FREE, to dry your pet even faster
Package include 1 piece Pet All-around Washer, 1 quick-drying mitt