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The Best Dog Camera to Keep an Eye on Your Dog When You Are Out

One of the greatest benefits to having a dog camera watching your dog when you are out is not to keep him safe, but to see what weird stuff he gets up to!

Every owner setting up a dog camera might tell themselves that it is for safety, to make sure the dog doesn’t start a fire or hurt himself or get out somehow. But let’s be really honest people; we just want to know what they get up to.

What do they do all day? What strange things do they do to the objects in our house? Why does it smell so weird behind the loungeroom curtains? These are the questions we really want answered. And even when we’ve got the answers, we still spend way too long at work checking the camera feed, just to see what he is up to now.

One of our customers had to go home from work early because the power went out in his home, and he couldn’t see what his cavoodle was getting up to. More than a little portion of your reasoning for a dog camera is the voyeuristic Big Brother part of you.

But when you buy dog technology items online, you don’t have to explain your reasons. It’s for safety, okay.

Actually, apart from spying on him, having knowledge into what your dog does, or more importantly how he copes, when you are out is really helpful. If you have insight on how your dog is coping, you can take steps to help him improve this and feel more comfortable at home alone.

What are some features of a dog camera for surveillance?

The basic model of camera will just watch your puppy, sending a digital feed either to your computer or to an app on your phone. From there you can also get the following features, if you are willing to pay for them:

  • Motion sensor cameras or ones that move
  • Night vision
  • Barking sensor and alerts
  • Dog selfies
  • Alert if a person enters the property
  • Temperature checks
  • Information about your pet’s activity levels
  • Two-way audio communication abilities
  • The ability to feed treats to your puppy as reward

Ideally you should be looking for a model that will watch your dog wherever he is, and won’t be easily knocked over or lose its power source. You need a model that works with your phone or computer, and is easy to set up and run.

Comparing the Best Dog Cameras for Watching Your Puppy


This is a fantastic product, right up the high end of doggy surveillance. The price is pretty high, but it does everything you need it to and everything it says it will.

This really was designed for dogs. It only alerts you to dog related activity, unless you set it up to alert you if a person comes into view (which is also really handy). It takes dog selfies throughout the day whenever your dog is in the right position.


  • Camera with 160 degree vision
  • Livestream video
  • Works through your home wi-fi
  • Treat dispenser
  • Two-way communication
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Barking alert
  • Syncs with app on iOS or Android


Easy to use and with wonderful video and picture capabilities, this is an excellent product. It looks beautiful and doesn’t even resemble a camera, so will blend in with any décor. The barking alert is a great feature; using this you are alerted if your dog is barking and can sooth him by speaking through the two-way if needed.

Two people can use the app on different phones which is a wonderful feature.

You can also give treats, and if you want, pre-record your voice saying something for each time you fling out a treat.


For this price I would have liked to have seen more features. There is only one camera unit, meaning if you have a bigger house you need a new one for each space.

It will only work through iOS and Android phones, so if you have a different phone you can’t use it. There is no option to livestream through their website for instance.

It works on your home wi-fi, so it needs to be located near enough to that to work (which may not be convenient for where your dog likes to hang out). Also, if you lose power or your wi-fi goes down you are sort of in trouble.

Bigger dogs have been known to knock the device off benches and break it, so you might need to make sure it was on the floor.

Check out the Furbo here

Petcube Bites

This is a good quality device. It has very good quality video and will send through short videos to the owner whenever movement or sound is detected.

It has all of the benefits of a camera designed to monitor pets, with two-way communication, motion dispenser, night vision and the ability to dispense treats.


  • Motion detector
  • Two-way speaker
  • Night vision camera
  • Treat dispenser
  • Ability to take photos and record video
  • Livestreams to app
  • Capable of streaming live Facebook video


You can dispense treats on a timed release, and also can vary the distance treats are thrown to keep your pooch guessing where they will land. It has all the benefits you are probably looking for in a pet camera and is a reasonable price.


This was the largest of the units on this list, but still not that big and certainly looked fine in a regular house that wasn’t showroom worthy.

There is just one camera with 148 degrees view, and this was not adjustable. It only worked as long as the wi-fi was up.

Check out the Petcube Bites here


This is a more basic device than those already reviewed but is a great product for people who don’t want all the bells and whistles.

It sends pictures to your smartphone whenever sound or motion is detected as well as alerting you. You still have the capacity to talk to your pet to calm him down if needed, although it doesn’t dispense treats.

It is not a sexy looking as some of the other cameras but comes in a variety of cute colours.


  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way communication capability
  • Choice of grey, pink, blue or orange


The price really is the best selling point of this device, but it is great value for money if you just want something basic for piece of mind. It is a solid brand name and people are happy with the product.

It has a decent camera for the price. It is the only unit reviewed that works on Windows phones. It will also work with iOS, Android and PC which is fantastic.


This has less features than some of the others. Again, it is only one camera, but because of the price you could buy five units for the price of the one high end device and then get coverage all over your house.

Once again, it only works while the wi-fi is up, so you have no feed in a power outage.

Check out the CleverDog here


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