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11 Tips for Safe Night Time Dog Walking [INFOGRAPHIC]

11 Tips for Safe Night Time Dog Walking

In today’s busy modern world it can be hard to find time to take your dog out for a walk during the daytime. If you do decide to take your dog out at night (or early morning) there are a few precautions that you should take to ensure yours, and your dogs, safety.

In this infographic we share our 11 tips on walking your dog at night.

Keep your dog on a leash when walking at night.

Even the most obedient dogs can get skittish as a result of a person or noise coming out of nowhere, not to mention all kinds of nocturnal animals that they’d love to chase.

Avoid using retractable flexi-leashes.

These give your dog too much freedom of movement – too much distance between you and your dog can be dangerous at night, and as they’re hard to see in darkness drivers can get startled, thinking your dog is actually off-leash.

Avoid busy roads if possible.

Always walk on footpaths or where cars can see you easily. If you have to walk on the road, walk facing the oncoming traffic.

Dress brightly, preferably in clothing with reflective elements.

No need to look like a roadworker, but exercise common sense – don’t dress head to toe in dark colours. Remember, pedestrians can be difficult for drivers to see at night.

If you’re dressed for the weather, don’t forget your dog.

If it’s cold and raining and you need a coat, remember – your dog could probably use one too.

Use lights.

Lights are a fantastic practical safety idea – both attached to you and your dog. Not only do they allow you both to be seen, they can also help to light up the path in dark, unlit areas – as well as providing an extra sense of security.

Walk the same route each night.

This will get your dog familiar with it and likely to stay on it or find their way home if they run off or become separated from you.

Don’t wear headphones on your walk.

It is far safer if you can hear what is going on around you and anything that may endanger or startle you and your dog.

Carry your phone.

Normally a given these days, a smartphone offers you the safety advantages of a built-in torchlight, GPS, possible tracker for your dog, and a phone for emergency situations should you need it.

Consider investing in a GPS tracker for your dog.

If they run off, and get lost or separated from you, this will allow you to find them easily.

Consider a dog walking service.

If there really are no safe places to walk your dog at night, and no way you can do it earlier, consider a dog walking service to make sure your dog gets the essential exercise they need during the day.

Remember to explore our dog walking products for everything you need when you take your dog out for a walk.

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