Puppy Dog Training Pads for Puppies Pet Pee Mat Large (50 / 100 Pack) |Puppy House Train Piddle|Wee Wee Mats with Attractant Scent| Absorbs 200% More Liquid | Anti Slip & Leakproof | 60cm x 60cm

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No More Yellow Stains On Your Expensive Rugs! House Train Your Puppy with the Best Dog Training Pads by PetCellence!

Are you tired of coming home only to find the smell of dog pee waiting for you?

Would you like an effective solution to help you both potty train your puppy and keep your floors and carpets immaculate clean?

Then these pet house training mats are for you!

Equipped with effective, 6 layer Polymer technology that will instantly turn any liquid into a thick gel, you’ll be able to ensure that your puppy will not drag any moisture or pesky odours around your house.

Ideal for young puppies or older dogs with incontinence issues, these potty training dog pads are all you want to make the house train experience a pleasant one for both you and your little furry friend.

Absorb 200% More Liquid Than Your Regular Economy Pads!

Boasting a higher percentage of absorbent polymer materials that will easily hold 5-6 cups of liquid and dry within just seconds, these puppy pads will let you tackle all your pet training challenges.

Keep Them In Place

The waterproof, anti-slip back acts as a liner to keep the mats from leaking on your carpet or floor and prevents them from moving around every time your dog uses them.

Save Tons of Money on Disposable Dog Pee Mats!

Why spend money buying a new pack of disposable house training dog pads every once in a At the same time as, when you’ll be able to invest in a 100 pack of reusable, super absorbent ones that you’ll be able to use over long periods of time, just as effectively?

These pet wee wee pads are perfect for multiple use indoors or outdoors, in the car or on your travels.

Get It with Confidence!

Backed by a 100% risk-free money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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KEEP YOUR CARPETS & WOOD FLOORS INTACT: House train your puppy and protect your expensive carpets and wood floors with these premium quality potty training dog pads. Super absorbent and quick drying, they’ll absorb up to 200% more than your regular pet pee mats, saving you tons of money in the long run. Perfect for young pups, aging or incontinent pets
ELIMINATE PESKY ODOURS: Treated with harmless, natural pheromones to attract your puppy, as well as built-in odour keep watch over to keep smelly bacteria from spreading around your house, these dog piddles will make housebreaking your puppy a pleasant experience for the whole family. What is more, their special, waterproof, anti-slip back will keep the pads securely in place so you won’t have to chase them around the house.
LOCK IN MOISTURE FOR 100% LEAK PROTECTION: Boasting advanced, antibacterial polymer technology to ensure fast liquid absorption, these wee wee pads will hold up to 6 cups of liquid and effectively lock in the moisture into gel to prevent leakages every single time.
USE MULTIPLE TIMES: Thanks to their 6 layer design that allows for repeat usage over long periods of time, you’ll be able to now use the same pad over and over again, with the same effectiveness. With a convenient size of 60cm x 60 cm, they are excellent for use in the home, car, under the litter box, in the dog crate or even outdoors and all over your travels.
GET IT RISK-FREE: Being so sure about the prime quality and excellent performance of our pet house training pads, we may be able to offer you a full money back guarantee of complete satisfaction. With nothing to lose, order yours today and train your pup with peace of mind!



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